1. Elck Syn Waerom, with Line Arngaard, Sara Darle Olsson, Elisa van Joolen, Anna Klas, Freja Nøhr Kristiansen, Marina van der Lecq, Lara van der Poel, Afroditi Terzi, Hanka van der Voet, Rosa Shepherd in collaboration with Tesselschade library Amsterdam, ‘Refuge – fleeing, flowing leaking’, Stedelijk Museum, 2023, Amsterdam, NL 
Mixed media installation – contributor

With this collaborative textile piece, participants of the Elck Syn Waerom workshop show some of the rich histories that can be found in the library of Tesselschade Amsterdam. The piece exhibits various images found in their library, as well as several embroideries and other techniques that were discovered there, which were added both by the participants of the workshop as well as Tesselschade members. The textile piece takes the shape of a tent, a portal, where we ask the visitor for a moment to ponder the (often invisibilised) history of women’s labour and the inferior position handcrafts (still) take up within the arts. The tent pays respect to the many women – past, present and future – that have dedicated time and energy to Tesselschade, making it into a refuge for women in need of financial support.

Special thanks to Tesselschade members: Bertie, Fenna, Saskia, Ineke, Cissy, Jeb, Anja, Alet, Linda, Toula and librarian Claartje.

Installation view - entrance hall of Stedlijk Museum. Bookmark detail – observed and photographed by Johannes Schwartz

2. Ajda Pratika, Buckwheat — from Landscape to Table – with Robida, ‘The Super Vernaculars’, 2022, Ljubljana, SLO 
Installation – contributor 

Ajda Pratika is a project by Robida: Elena Braida, Dora Ciccone, Francesca Lucchitta, Kim Lang, Elena Rucli, Vida Rucli, Vid Skrbinšek, Janja Šušnjar.

From the beginning of our research, we were interested in exploring different engagements of the body with food and more specifically grains. The embodied practice of preparing the dough, making and baking bread, where all the senses – and especially touch – are stimulated, opened to us many crucial questions regarding our relation to food. We tried to enter the whole process of buckwheat, from the landscape to the table, from understanding how to prepare the soil where to sow buckwheat, to reflecting on buckwheat as an element of our possible everyday food culture. Besides reflecting on the tactile connection with food, we also explored the concept of time and rhythm in relation to food production, and that of the cyclicity of time, thinking about seasonality. All the layers of our research tried to place time and body side by side, in relation to one another. Embodied rhythmical gestures, seasonal practices in landscape, everyday rituals in the kitchen: buckwheat as the research focus of a new possible cyclical care.

The project was created as part of the 27th Biennal of Design – BIO27 Super Vernaculars, Design for a Regenerative Future, which is produced by the Museum of Architecture and Design MAO in collaboration with the Center for Creativity CzK, Ljubljana (SLO).

Installation view – publication, observed and photographed by Kim Lang

3. Left-over, over and over again with Francesca Lucchitta, 2022, Extrapool, Nijmegen, NL
Papier mâché workshop

Paper, noun (material)
thin, flat material made from crushed wood or cloth, used for writing, printing, or drawing on.
From leftover paper to paper mass.
From paper mass to papier mâché.
From papier mâché to containers.
Leftovers are signs, evocative elements that tell stories of something that happened in the past. Presence of humans in space. Traces. Materials often mistreated and forgotten, ready to be thrown away or yet discarded. Do they have to be left or is it possible to use them? If so, how?

Left-over, over and over again is a contribution and part of the project – magazine Void/Fill initiated by Dong Hin Han

apier mâché sculpture observed and photographed by Franca Lucchitta

4. OooOoo Garlic My Wild with Francesca Lucchitta, 2022, Amsterdam, NL 
Screenprinted napkin – design and production 

When the Wild Garlic season started this year we couldn’t be more tingled – we immediately gently harvested its delicate leaves in the shades areas of the Frankendael Park in Amsterdam, the same spot where two years ago during the lockdown we discovered this scented plant.
To trace a new tradition and its memory around this seasonal ingredient we printed on a piece of textile the ‘Dream Meaning of Wild Garlic’ and the recipe to make our beloved pesto.
A carrier bag, a bandana, a napkin, a siesta sleeping mask, a key chain, a rope, a holder, a table cloth, a hair band, a tissue…and many more uses for you to discover. 

45x45cm, dark green screenprinted on light leftover cotton or linen cloths.

5. Along the Path of Fire with the Carrier Bag of Recipe – with Francesca Lucchitta, 2021, Friuli Venezia Giulia, IT 
Long-distance hiking trail

Together with Francesca Lucchitta, I share the genuine love to move — walk and collect materials (fiscal and in form of written or visual notes) while doing it. At the beginning of the year, in full lockdown, we decided to spend some time during the summer exploring — walking for a period of time in the Alps. In August 2021 we spent 15 days on the Friulian section of ‘Grand Italian Trail’ from Val Sesis to Topolò, Northern East side of Italy. Covering up to 241km path with altitudes difference of 13,700m, we investigated the alpine environment around our home and exchanged knowledge with various people encountered over the 14 different mountain shelters we visited. Hoping to find a way to deliver what we gathered inside “the carrier bags” of our journey in the near future. ‘Along the Path of Fire with the Carrier Bag of Recipes’ became more then a hike, it wishes to be an ongoing conversation between multiple ways of living, narrating and caring for this special climate. 

6. ‘Table Portrait, Yerma’ play by Gersande Schellinx, 2021, Amsterdam NL
Food and dinner scenography

‘A Table Portrait, Yerma’ by Gersande Schellinx is an idiosyncratic re-writing of Federico Garcia Lorca’s play Yerma. An immersive play in three acts and three rooms in which four friends gather for an intimate dinner. Each role is distinguished by their own set of cutlery, napkins etc, in other to fulfil their own personality and movements during the whole evening. The dinner menù was thought and made in order to align with the personality of the chef of the night, Yerma, in who I found many detailed similarities with my grandmother temperament behind the kitchen, Romana. Therefore I re-proposed her simplest and Northern Italian dishes with a visual twist: tramezzini with pumpkin hummus; beetroots crespelle filled with besciamella, sage and pumpkin; chocolate-rice-pops brick dessert. 

The dinner party took place in multiple evenings in June 2021 in Amsterdam and eventually the set and some play fragments were shown during the Graduation Show of Gerrit Rietveld Academie, July 2021.

Set Design by Gersande Schellinx, Costumes by Marite Kuus, Music by Oliver Feghali, Joe Eshuis as Videographer and Dariya Trubina as Assistant Director. With help from Dasha Leontieva.

7. Cin Cin Tutti Frutti – with Francesca Lucchitta, 2020, Amsterdam NL

Ongoing series of towels Calendars to have breakfast on, lunch or dinner; to do a pic-nic on the grass; to remind you what day it is; to make plans for a small holiday; to dry plates, crockery or hands; to cover the table; to wrap your bread; to hang as a poster; to bring mandarins to your friend’s place.

In the spirit of collaborations, we decided to make it a series. Every year the towel~calendar is re-imagined by new friends. Every spring the people who took care of the previous edition will select two new friends to pass the re-imagination of the t~c to. From year to year — from friends to friends: 2021 – Elena Braida & Francesca Lucchitta aka Mora and Lampone >> 2022 – Immo Schneider & Kimberly ter Heerdt aka Lemon and Kiwi >> 2023 – Miquel Hervás Gómez & Ott Metusala aka Orange and Peach. You can follow updates and eventually get in contact with Tutti Frutti and buy your calendar towel at @cincincincincincincincin / cincin.tuttifrutti@gmail.com or following this link. 



Towel calendar 2021 mountain edition.

8. Publishing Station (PS) – with Marta Oliva and MAY, 2020, somewhere between Amsterdam, Venice and Barcelona
Co-runner – curator, podcast assembler

Publishing Station is an ever-expanding experimental project where images and texts are rethought in the form of intervals, rhythms, voices, tensions, and pauses. Each episode creates a story, a plot, a tale, transforming a physical work, a photo book, into a new format. Music is at the centre of reflection, an irresistible form of contamination. The visual contents are imagined in different formats to reach the listener's senses, from the creation of playlists to live performances: momentary conjunction of sensations that testify to a bodily experience. Words, sounds and different music genres interweave with one another and guide you through the pages of the book. The aim is to try to experience visual content by imagining what you cannot see.

Current radio shows:
Monthly radio show on Radio Alhara, PS
Weekly radio show on Radio Robida, IT 

PS on SoundCloud / PS on Instagram


9. Rietveld&Sandberg Library – with Jeanne Vivies, 2018, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam NL
Identity – Graphic design and production

We took care of the academic year program identity. The identity of the Rietveld&Sanberg Library was shaped around the notion of tactility in relation to the way we used the library on daily basis. The posters are based on scans of the velcro changeable board that is used as a green screen in the library to announce new events.

Rietveld&Sanberg Library view from inside, poster and annoucement board. 

10. Body of Water – with TXT, 2019, ‘Take a Walk on The Wild Side’, Stedeljik Museum, Amsterdam, NL
Installation — Felted rug

In collaboration with Nina van Hartskamp, Bronwen Jones, Morta Jonynaite, Matilda Kentta, Kim Lang, Vera Laarakker, Isabel Mooij, Jinyoung Park, Alice Peach, Celeste Perre, Kyra Philippi, Julius Stahlie, Nikki Swarts, Amanda Theilsgaard, Loic Vandam, Rosa Mesquita.


Installation view – Stedeljik Museum, Amsterdam, NL

11. Ex Soulmates*, Astrological band, 2017—..., Amsterdam NL
*formed by Marion Ravenwood, Paul from Minnesota and Limo.

Monthly astrological podcasts. Content varies between music selection, poems, interviews about sex and personal stories concerned with the characters of the signs and tarot reading.

Ex Soulmates on Soundcloud 

Drawing by Paul from Minnesota – Cover band picture

12. Radio Rietveld – with Limo Hair and Loïc Vandam, 2016—2019, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam NL

Our goal was to support any sound based work of our fellow students and teachers and give them a playful platform where they can get visibility.

RR on SoundCloud / RR on Instagram 

logo design in collaboration with graphic designer Nathalie Golde