1. “A Table Portrait, Yerma” play by Gersande Schellinx, 2021, Amsterdam NL
Food and Dinner Scenography

“A Table Portrait, Yerma” by Gersande Schellinx is an idiosyncratic re-writing of Federico Garcia Lorca’s play Yerma. An immersive play in three acts and three rooms in which four friends gather for an intimate dinner. Each role is distinguished by their own set of cutlery, napkins etc, in other to fulfil their own personality and movements during the whole evening. The dinner menù was thought and made in order to align with the personality of the chef of the night, Yerma, in who I found many detailed similarities with my grandmother temperament behind the kitchen, Romana. Therefore I re-proposed her simplest and Northern Italian dishes with a visual twist: tramezzini with pumpkin hummus; beetroots crespelle filled with besciamella, sage and pumpkin; chocolate-rice-pops brick dessert. 

The dinner party took place in multiple evenings in June 2021 in Amsterdam and eventually the set and some play fragments were shown during the Graduation Show of Gerrit Rietveld Academie, July 2021.

Set Design by Gersande Schellinx, Costumes by Marite Kuus, Music by Oliver Feghali, Joe Eshuis as Videographer and Dariya Trubina as Assistant Director. With help from Dasha Leontieva.

2. Cin Cin Tutti Frutti, 2020, Amsterdam NL


In collaboration with Italian Designer Francesca Lucchitta. Ongoing series of towels Calendars to have breakfast on, lunch or dinner; to do a pic-nic on the grass; to remind you what day it is; to make plans for a small holiday; to dry plates, crockery or hands; to cover the table; to wrap your bread; to hang as a poster; to bring mandarins to your friend’s place. 2021 Mountain Edition has been designed, printed and assembled by Mora e Lampone aka Francesca Lucchitta and me. 2021 edition is currently sold out. Stay tuned on the Instagram page Tutti Frutti for the 2022 edition. 

3. Publishing Station (PS), 2020—..., somewhere between Amsterdam, Venice and Barcelona

Digital platform dedicated to the investigation of podcasts as a medium. Six episodes, six authors, six books. Each episode creates a story, a plot, a tale, trasforming a physical work, a photobook, into a new format. Words, sounds and different music genres interweave with one another and guide you through the pages of the book. The aim is to try to experience differently visual contents by imaging what you cannot see. 
Initiated by Marta Oliva and me, designed by MAY. 

PS on SoundCloud / PS on Instagram

Screeshoot website homepage.

4. Rietveld&Sandberg Library, 2018-2019, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam NL
Graphic design and production

In collaboration with Graphic Designer Jeanne Vivies, we took care of the academic year program identity. The identity of the Rietveld&Sanberg Library was shaped around the notion of tactility in relation to the way we used the library on daily basis. The posters are based on scans of the velcro changeable board that is used as a green screen in the library to announce new events.

Rietveld&Sanberg Library view from inside, poster and annoucement board. 

5. Body of Water, 2019, Amsterdam NL
Research, rug making and installation

In collaboration with Nina van Hartskamp, Bronwen Jones, Morta Jonynaite, Matilda Kentta, Kim Lang, Vera Laarakker, Isabel Mooij, Jinyoung Park, Alice Peach, Celeste Perre, Kyra Philippi, Julius Stahlie, Nikki Swarts, Amanda Theilsgaard, Loic Vandam, Rosa Mesquita.


Installation view
‘Take a Walk on The Wild Side’, group exhibition, Stedeljik Museum, Amsterdam, NL

6. Ex Soulmates*, Astrological band, 2017—..., Amsterdam NL
*formed by Marion Ravenwood, Paul from Minnesota and Limo.

Monthly astrological podcasts. Content varies between music selection, poems, interviews about sex and personal stories concerned with the characters of the signs and tarot reading.

Ex Soulmates on Soundcloud 

Drawing by Paul from Minnesota - Cover band picture

7.Radio Rietveld, 2016—2019, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam NL

In collaboration with Limo Hair and Loïc Vandam. Our goal was to support any sound based work of our fellow students and teachers and give them a playful platform where they can get visibility.

RR on SoundCloud / RR on Instagram 

logo design in collaboration with graphic designer Nathalie Golde