1. Cucina, è bello! (Cook, it’s beautiful!), 2020, Graduation Show, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL 
Installation — Happening

The ingredients orbit around the U-shaped platform. Some of them are the fruit of collaborations which took place in different cities, made by different hands in very different settings and moods. Others were made in the confinement of my domestic realm. The background of this recipe finds its start in my grandmother’s gnocchi. Her name is Laura and at 86 years old she is the cornerstone of the restaurant of my uncles in Manzano, Italy. The restaurant is located in her very own mansion, a rustic one characterized by a U-shaped structure. She lives one staircase away from the dining room and cooks for the customers in her very own kitchen. Her kitchen is located at the up-right start of the letter U. Like every movement, there is a start and an end. Since It relates to a specific period of time, the way the ingredients find their road into the platform is through an act in which the involvement of the viewer becomes the main component of this banquet. I am no longer alone with the ingredients.

*Observed and photographed by Francesca Lucchitta

2. Inhabitant, 2019, Absurd Beings on Skin, Kunstkapel, Amsterdam, NL
Installation — Felted coat, wood and metal chair

Inhabitant focuses primarily on the space that comes about in between your skin, your body and a garment. The coat is a two-dimensional crosscut, made from a rectangular piece of felted fabric. The crosscut makes the piece wearable and so: three-dimensional. The skin like texture of the felted merino wool and its particular natural colour, go back to the initial intention: to represent an architectural space defined by your skin. The cavities (the tunnels, openings, folds, etc..) seek to reflect not on a still body covered with a certain material, but rather upon the coat itself. The coat as something that moves like a mobile organism. the coat as an organism, moving and resting, nestling and crawling. A coat is: a being, an uninhabited shelter, an entity resting on a chair. Left alone and still, with all its human connotations.

*Observed and photographed by Anne Lakeman