STUDIO BONOMIA is a textile design and research studio which acts as a public facing channel for all my products and research around the notion of conviviality. Currently dealing with online algorithms and therefore operating only on Instagram --> follow @studiobonomia

Definition: Bonomia, noun [dal fr. bonhomie, /ˈbɒnəmiː,ˌbɒnəˈmiː/]:
cheerful friendliness; geniality.


An initiative

      A gathering

      An ongoing research around the notion of caring

      A space where new objects are designed

      A space open to interdisciplinary collaborations

      An ingredient

      A new recipe

      The act of sitting together around a big table

      The vanishing point between culinary art and design

      A proposal which aim to enrich our daily rituals

      The feeling of wholeness after a good meal