1. Cin Cin Tutti Frutti, 2020, Amsterdam.

In collaboration with Italian Designer Francesca Lucchitta. Ongoing series of towels Calendars to have breakfast on, lunch or dinner; to do a pic-nic on the grass; to remind you what day it is; to make plans for a small holiday; to dry plates, crockery or hands; to cover the table; to wrap your bread; to hang as a poster; to bring mandarins to your friend’s place. 2021 Mountain Edition. Designed, printed and assembled by Mora e Lampone aka Francesca Lucchitta and me. Available to order, shipping worldwide --> HERE

2. Publishing Station (PS), 2020, somewhere between Amsterdam, Venice and Barcelona

Digital platform dedicated to the investigation of podcasts as a medium. 
Initiated by Marta Oliva, designed by MAY. 

PS on SoundCloud / PS on Instagram

3. Rietveld&Sandberg Library, yearly program identity, 2018-2019, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

In collaboration with Graphic Designer Jeanne Vivies. The identity of the Rietveld&Sanberg Library was shaped around the notion of tactility in relation to the way we used the library on daily basis. The posters are based on scans of the velcro changeable board that is used as a green screen in the library to announce new events.

4‘Body of Water’,  2019, Amsterdam 

In collaboration with Nina van Hartskamp, Bronwen Jones, Morta Jonynaite, Matilda Kentta, Kim Lang, Vera Laarakker, Isabel Mooij, Jinyoung Park, Alice Peach, Celeste Perre, Kyra Philippi, Julius Stahlie, Nikki Swarts, Amanda Theilsgaard, Loic Vandam, Rosa Mesquita.

On filling

For exchanging ideas

For taking a physical space to let our thoughts sink in

To sink

To plunge into the unknown

For the mind to wander and to drift through unknown

territories (to ebb and flow)

A space for sharing

Water flows through me, over me in me out of me.

We are all bodies of water.

We are born through it and made by it

This water runs through you and I

We exchange it in our kisses and our cum and through I. the breast of our mothers

We soak in it and drink it up and excrete it out

It is within us and around us, through us

It is a space to share stories no matter the body.

We are made of water, we aren’t so different,

how did our histories become so vast, and spread

so wide, like a channel made between two bodies of water

Water cleanses, it washes away our differences,

and makes us one, many bodies of water intertwining

into a great sea

(A sea is a good place to feel small)

written by Bronwen Jones

Keywords: Transmit, Carry, Shared Foundation, Ruin, Water As Medium, Distribution, Sexy Water, Guilty Water, Still Life, Sourdough, Matter And Meaning, Decay, Communal, Leaving Stains.

Observed and photographed by me

‘Take a Walk on The Wild Side’, group exhibition, Stedeljik Museum, Amsterdam, NL

5. Radio Rietveld, 2016-2019, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

In collaboration with Limo Hair and Loic Vandam. 
Our goal was to support any sound based work of our fellow students and teachers and give them a playful platform where they can get visibility.

RR on SoundCloud / RR on Instagram 

logo design in collaboration with Graphic Designer Nathalie Golde